I was in an art show called, "breath of the earth" in Claremont, CA, 2010. Franny Werthwein showed her wet fiber art and I hung my poetry. This was the first time I exhibited my poems and not my fiber art. I took a Zine workshop at the Riverside Art Museum. I decided to make a Zine for this show. A Zine is a small book that can have a retro look with typewriter fonts and xerox images. Heather Rinne designed my Zine. It has a small piece of Franny's wet fiber art, my poetry and a machine stitched binding.

Here's a couple of my poems that are in the Zine.

For Sandy

Two friends walk in silent understanding
amidst the endless snow.
Distant village, trees, mountains
and soaring rocks know
soon one will leave the exterior landscape.
Drifting to a dwelling place inside
the floral heaven.
External translucents gilded in gold.
She tends the luminant garden.
The other longingly holds the bowl
separated by a membrane
and remembers.

Francescan Retreat Center in San Juan Batista

Part I
Ancient stone walls
covered in moss.
Native American steps
worn down, an
inviting pathway.
Arched stone bridge leading
to a shrine. I am
searching to quiet
my soul and to trust again.

Sunol Regional Wilderness

Part II
I ask for help and
find a secluded path
to the fragment of
water. Birds and
wind are the language
Spoken here on Sunol
lands. Leaves journey
To the water slowly
drifing beneath the
tree valley. Beyond
The gate path I walk
where the water was.