Lecture includes my poetry and my art work. Topics covered: One Item as Inspiration, Poetry as Myth, Poetry is Like a River - so many adventures!, Unity of Poetry & Art, and Medley of Poems. I share several examples of my artwork and read several poems.
Museum of History and Art, Ontario, CA

I am a storyteller and record-keeper of many cultures. I collect fragments of life here and beyond in both my poetry and artwork. My hope is tonight you will relax, breathe, and enter into a new world connecting the ancient/present and the sacred within. Also, that you will be inspired to create using your own voice. This lecture includes audience participation, the creative life, where inspiration comes from, what it means to be a creative artist and poet in community, and the many paths creativity can take you.

Audience Observations

"I got seven prompts to get me back into writing poetry," said one audience member. "I want to see the artwork close up. There is so much to see," said another. "Cindy is an inspiration for me to return to writing my poetry," was another response.

Lecture includes my poetry, a power point presentation, and my art work. Topics covered: Intervention of Word & Image, Relationship Between the Poem and its Object, and Found Object and Language. I share several examples of my collaborations.
California State University San Bernardino

Julie Paegle, Associate Professor and M.F.A. Poetry Coordinator, Dept. of English writes: "Thank you so much for sharing your rich experience, beautiful fiber art, and luminous poetry with our class on poetic collaboration. The power point presentation you put together for the class was positively inspiring -- exactly the ticket to help empower advanced and graduate students of poetry to get involved in their own forms of community outreach."

CSUSB Student Observations

One graduate student noted, "I felt that I was in the presence of a real artist, one generous with her time, art, and enthusiasms -- after her visit, I felt empowered to try different kinds of poetry and different genres of expression myself." Another said, "She is such a lovely, integrated artist -- it was very clear, from her presentation, how her own poetry informs her fiber art and how her fiber art informs her poetry. And her fearlessness was amazing for someone like me, who is so shy, to see -- I love the idea that you can collaborate, not just outside the classroom, but with all kinds of artists and poets, and at such a fast pace!"