Jamii Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9912975-3-5

"spider with wings"

a collection of short poems by Cindy Rinne.

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dancing water

he paints concentric circles
until death steals the brush
an oar
to spiral him
through an elixir base
of honey and cinnamon
however she wears the wrong
glasses a headache con-
fuses her mind
trace metals become a golden
web she even thinks
of the neighbor
a Holocaust survivor
as he ingests jade & cinnabar &
churns the ocean

The Natural World locked antlers with Human Intervention, and they really went at it. And before the dust settled and a winner was announced, Rinne scrambled into the fray, collected the images, and collaged taut, spare poems from them. -Amy Pickworth author of Bigfoot for Women
Cindy's poetry is both lyrical and imaginative, and recalls the rhythmic cadences of nomadic cultures. - K. Andrew Turner, Author, Editor, Creative Mentor