Cindy Rinne’s book, Moon of Many Petals, transports the reader to the bitter days and lonely nights of Manzanar. Her research and attention to detail serve to create mystical, yet earthy, vignettes of a family that has been torn from the sea that they love, and forced into a harsh and unforgiving captivity that never fully sets them free. I will share this powerful book with my students, and read it over and over again for myself. - Diane Adams, author of Love Is

Cholla Needles Press
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"Moon of Many Petals"

A full-color novel in verse by Cindy Rinne.

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Ancient Arts

That day my father,
Takumi, painted deer

and plum design
with ink on kimono silk.
His hand steady,

he was determined
to practice the Yuzen
dyeing method

in America
while my mother, Mio,
embroidered in gold.

Cindy Rinne’s latest book, Moon of Many Petals, takes us on a poetic journey that resonates on many levels, drawing from a dark place in history to illuminate injustice and yet, as cherry blossoms bloom from ashes and butterflies rise from fallen blooms, she opens tiny windows into glimpses of natural beauty. As stories of generations are woven together, we can see how our world, our mythologies, our personal histories and every living organism are somehow intertwined. I was profoundly moved. - Deborah P Kolodji, author of highway of sleeping towns

Reading Rinne’s Moon of Many Petals is (among other things) an exercise in mindfulness. Here, she shows us how to slow down and really see the world, to see those moments between the big moments. These flashes are what really matter after all, and she is able to show us the beauty and meaning that exists around us always. I could quote her work endlessly, but the here are two of my favorite lines: "above a rug of pads/ early plum strained to sun/ Mandarin ducks squawked." Suddenly, I am with the poet, witnessing the world as I should every moment of every day. - John Brantingham, author of The Green of Sunset