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"Listen to the Codex"

Native Blossoms Chapbook Series Three, Book 1
Second chapbook by Cindy Rinne.

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She gestures by the red lignt
and speaks to a ghost.
Woodpeckers tap holes like code,
precise in eucalyptus peeling bark.

A spectral story in laurel scent.
The ghost forges a hole in the sky
for the woman to journey and rest
on the crescent moon.

first appeared in The Wild Word

Calling upon the energy of origins, Cindy Rinne's sensuous Listen to the Codex parallels a woman's journey with the cycles of the earth. These imaginative poems of opening, embodiment, and surprise bring the sacred to the everyday: lighting candles and sage, invoking meditation, chanting, dirt rituals, and the guidance of a self-healing robot. A book of flight and remembrance, Rinne shows how the act of losing and finding calls us to listen, root ourselves in the natural world, and "breathe a circular breath." - Jennifer K. Sweeney, author of Little Spells and How to Live on Bread and Music